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Saturday, December 14, 2013
Stereosonic 2013 :) at 10:45 PM

Yes…. I'm back in Melbourne for another exciting adventure this year :)
Have been reallyyyy busy ever since my exams ended because I'm really packed with work!
This trip is a much needed break from reality, Singapore is REALLY too hectic and boring for me. :/

I kinda enjoy days when I just get to stay at home and lay on the couch doing absolutely nothing.
People who know me really well will know that I'm a hopeless lazy pack of bones… Shit… kinda foresee myself being a couch potato in the near future. NUUUUU……..

I hate town, really don't see whats the hype. Meh.

Ok… I finally found time to blog about my Melbourne trip so far!
Its been 2 weeks since I'm here. (IM LOVING IT SO MUCH THAT I DUN WANNA GO HOME)

Gotta thank my lovely sponsors,

Trina (my nail sponsor) for getting my nails done for beautifully:

So that I can have pretty nails to admire when I'm in melb!!!
Thk you Trina for being so sweet and accomadating to my busy schedule for a last min appointment!!
Do contact Trina at 81185274 to fix an appointment with her to get ur nails done skilfully :)
You may visit her blog (hyperlinked above) for nail designs to look at and if you have any special requests or any particular designs you have in mind, I'm sure she would be able to deliver it to your expectations!

I did a gel classic mani, with tiffany blue half moons as my selected nail tip and beautiful vintage roses nail art (Trina's really good at drawing the flowers omg!!!)

Thk you Trina once again! My friends were raving about how neatly the nail art was drawn! :)

And, I made a trip down to Artica Hair Studios  for a thorough hair treatment and also a hair cut.

3 steps!!

Thk god for my 3DS (given by my beloved group of friends, Derence, PX, Sheryl, Q) Pokemon X that kept me company!!!
My hairstylist was so busy that day, and I'm so thkful that they managed to squeeze in a last min slot for me before I fly :)

Screenshot from Artica Hair Studio's instagram account! My hair feels really bouncy and silky! You guys should really check out this Artica's treatment! Just ask for the "3 steps hair treatment"!

Artica Hair Studio is located at:

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #04-64
 Singapore 228213

Operating Hours
Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday-Friday : 11.30am - 9.00pm
Weekends : 11.30am - 8.00pm

For enquires or appointments: please contact 6836 2891
or email us at articahairstudio@gmail.com

 I rushed home to do some last min packing before my flight at night immediately after I'm done with Artica!!!

So glad that Charlotte made an impromptu decision to join me and my bf in Melb!!!

(Will blog about my touristy girly time with Charlotte in the next post as the main objective of this is about STEREOSONIC 2013!!!)

The dog is as cute as everrrrr.

Look at that face… AWWWWW. 

Back to the main point, Stereosonic!!!! This long awaited party is overrr :( BOOOO.
But I had LOADS of crazy fun!!!

Special thks to my sister and her bf Bryan for helping us get the tickets!
It costs us AUD$230 each, yes very pricey, however IT was worth every cent that I paid!!!

Crazy partying for two days in a row.
We were dead beat by then.

People who follow me on my instagram (@eexuan) will be able to see the crazy vids I've spammed.
Oooops. I couldn't control myself. hah!

Disclaimer: I'm not very well-versed with the DJs that were performing; decided to go for this party because I was also Melb last year n saw the hype about it so I made the decision to experience it this time!!!

Left home real early because we wanted to catch Alesso, who will be spinning at about 3pm?
OH GREAT LORD. Was told to leave my wallet at home and just bring cash because its better to bring a small sling and a water bottle.

They were so strict with the ID issue. (I know they're supposed to) but I'M WAYYYYY above 18 plz. and its a 30 mins drive back home just becos of that piece of plastic. ARGH. missed Alesso because of that. Its not that I'm really familiar with his songs and all, but I'm sure thr's at least ONE(1) song that I have heard of. Super upset but it didn't dampen my mood.

Anyway, the highlight is just Armin for me. Because I loveeeee his "This is what it feels like" song. HAHA.

Shall let the pictures do all the talking. andddd I can safely conclude that I HATE/ABHOR/DISLIKE clubbing. Seriously, GIGS like these are really WAYYYYY better. No fights, nothing. Just all pure fun. In Singapore, we get to see act cool ahbengs and act chio ahlians trying to dance to impress. I see everyone dancing retardedly and nobody gives a shit about trying to look sexy or handsome haha!!

here we go……..


Strength training for my BF. Apparently I'm like super heavy for him? LOL! new resolution for the new year: lose some friggin weight. :(

So this is a selfie (u dun get to see this often plz) while i was on my bf's shoulder! It was so fun up there as I could see everything so clearly.


Me and ma sister just chilling~~ :p check out my biceps LOL.

photobombed!! HAH!

Armin was reallyyyy good! :) BUT….. Day #2 was better, because Calvin Harris and David Guetta totally rocked it!!!! \m/

I'm mainstream like that! #nobodygivesashitaboutbeingspecial 

Day #2:

We had awesome Schnitz before the party, yumyum. Lovin their famous Beer Batter chips.

Mandatory group photo!

Caught: Zedd, Nicky Romero, Sebastian Ingrosso, Empire of the Sun, (two of the DJs i've been wanting to catch: Calvin Harris and David Guetta) AWESOME MUCHHHH!!!

Oh btw, we managed to SQUEEZE our way to the front. The experience was horrible! Our bodies were literally rubbing against each other while we push and shoved our way thru.

But all the shoving and pushing were worth it!

Lol. can't stop laughing at the unsuspecting photobomber at the back :p

A group photo with the aftermath, 

This pretty summed up my experience at Stereosonic!!!
Would love to do a music festival party in future. Maybe we'll try out Tomorrowland? :p Pretty sure I'll invest in a freaking good Go Pro cam (WHICH I REGRETTED NOT GETTING FOR STEREO :(

Why is Stereosonic better than Zoukout (Singapore)?

BECAUSE THE WEATHER IS MAD CHILLY IN MELBOURNE, AND YOU GET LESS PERVERTS TRYNA HIT ON YOU. cos everyone's just minding their own business and having their fun. Love how my sister and I went around attempting to photobomb other people's pictures; everyone's doing it… so why not ya? 

Whoever is thinking of going for Stereosonic next year, here are some tips:

  1. Pls bring a tiny bag (Preferably a pouch). As tiny as you can! But tiny enough to store ur WATER BOTTLE (pls bring it!!!! it costs 4AUD for just a friggin bottle of mineral water, and its took overpriced!), money and ID (super friggin impt omg dun be an idiot like me!!!), tiny camera (best is GOPRO HERO 3)
  2. PLS PREPARE A GOPRO CAMERA or somethng equivalent!! (I was so jealous of how much fun people were having with their Go Pro cams :(
  3. Wear comfy shoes (you'll be jumping and hopping around like a monkey, try not to wear slippers)
  4. SPAM YOUR FRIGGIN SUNBLOCK, because Aussie's ozone layer is very damaging to your skin. (I've finished using up my SunKiller sunblock; blogging these awesome sunblock soon!)
  5. Bring panadol in case you're very prone to headaches like me, because everyone was smoking and drinking around me and I'm sensitive to the smell of ciggs
  6. You can drive there, there's a whole day parking area! Downside about it is that we walked allllllll the way to the entrance and it was a friggin long walk :( Paid about 15bux (shared between the 4 of us) for a whole day parking, relatively ok I guess? 
  7. Last but not least, empty your bowels and bladders before heading to the main area/or even before you step into the party!!!!!!! Because the toilets were the makeshifts and I'm sure EVERYBODY hate these "toilets". You won't wanna pee in that shit hole :/ (Me, being a friggin particular girl about where I'm peeing at, absolutely HATE it)
Well….thats about it! :)

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