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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
What I'm up to recently :) at 1:44 AM

sorry for the lack of updates!!!!!!!

Have been busy catching up with friends, work and paktor-ing.
Now my bf's in camp :( *sobs*
I have more time to update!!!

one of my fave pic from Anson :) this was during Boat Asia 2011!

@ swissotel suite for a Samsung Smart TV launch, awesome job. and I can safely say that its one of the best job ever. Was paid handsomely just to relax on a couch, watch TV, drink gongcha and play the Samsung Galaxy Tab!!! I love Samsung!!!! 

Me and my Dearest Amelia for a private launch!!! :D

Nurses!!! Body Shop for Tea Tree Oil sampling with Amelia, Richmond and Lechiner :)

Philips Interior Lighting design event with Lynn, Crystal and Stella!!! :) Love this job too :)

Air Asia Roadshow with Kit and Yvonne <3

Sweetie Kit and I :)

Tiger Live Party! Met my darling Reiee :)

Full Day BMW golf with Huiling :)

Comex with Yvonne again!! For Sony PS3!!

Shoots with Amelia for various blogshops :) YAY!! 

Engage me for blogshop shoots at eexuan91@live.com.sg :)

Style:MEN HTC launch :) 3D Evo was awesome!!
Worked with Amelia and Abigail :) 

NTUC Grand Prix Party with 2 angmohs, Huiyi, Carol and Mayne!! :)

Alright!!! Thats all for today!!! :) Update soon!!



Saturday, September 17, 2011
ANGRY at 1:41 AM




Thursday, September 15, 2011
Batam Day 2 (TWO)!!!! at 2:42 AM

Hey people! I'm back! 

Im pretty free these days as the boy's in camp, so here I am,
my post on Batam Day2.

(when I look thru the pictures, it made me miss him even more.)
I wonder how my baby boy looks like now?

Is he tanner?
Is he skinnier?
Is he pimply now?


Have been modelling for them :) Love this knitted top soo much the first time I saw it, so I kept it for myself :P

(I NEED MORE BLOGSHOP SHOOTS :( contact me if u need a model for your blogshop kay :P)

Using the internet.

We slept till 1pm, :p cos we were vvvvv tired. zonked out, so our plan to wake up for breakfast FAILED BIG TAIM.

We managed to catch the Free Shuttle Bus to NAGOYA HILL MALL. Its like one of the Biggest mall in Batam? The massage there's the best, and very famous too!! MOST IMPT, ITS DIRT CHEAP. 

our Tourist-sy photo :p (oh boy, I miss you so.)

We had our lunch at Golden Prawn 933 as we had ample of time to spare. Lunch was cheap and good too. Just a simple fare.

The menu is EXACTLY the same as the other Golden Prawn's.

Cam whore a little  ♥

We had KangKong and Sambal Seafood fried rice. Quite good.

Actually the package that we bought comes with a city tour. ya know, the usual boring city tour and have to rush here and there. Since we wanted a short n relaxing getaway, we forsake the city tour (not advisable to go if u're going to batam) n we have our free n easy time!

Rushed back to the hotel to catch the shuttle bus.


And here we are, at NAGOYA HILL MALL.

Go new place must take photo one :p

My sweetheart ♥ soooo loveeeeeee

Roamed arnd, and we found something.










Got a little bored, greedy and tired. So we went to a cafe for some light snacks/food.


Their laksa v special. Not bad, taste different from SG's. 

Meesiam's ermmmmm. weird? sweet n dry. its like 2 bucks per set I think. with drinks :)

After our snack, we walked arnd this big and boring mall. There's nothing to do in Batam, but its the company that made it worthwhile  ♥ 

Witnessed this raid or sth, there were media, journalists and some chief sheriff or sth?

Curious ppl crowded arnd this dodgy "ARCADE" place:

LAWLLLL. Ben 10?

Being a typical Singaporean, my bf and I stood there to watch. We were curious ma, its so dramatic la. they pried the door open but caught no one, the criminals prolly fled by the time the authorities came.

Bored again, we found this massage parlour that offers cheap massages for like 14bucks, 1 1/2 hours!!! Leg and shoulder. Just to kill time, we went ahead.

Anyway, whats coming to Batam without having to try their Indo massage???

We had headphones on cos there's like a personal TV for each and every individual customer.

I watched the Channel 8 show! haha! 

After the massage, we went for some cheap grocery shopping!!

FRIES. LIKE TRUCKLOADS OF EM'. I found it rather unhygienic that there werent packaged properly but thrown in a "ice-cream" freezer for customers to choose like they're choosing fruits. ARGH. first world pains.

A&W was next. We had it for dinner.

As A&W's extinct in SG, which I have no freaking idea why, we just have to have it. I miss those primary school days when I can just have curly fries as and when I like. Dun nid to wait for MCDs to come out once a yr and go gaga over it. So indonesians!!! u guys are LUCKY man.

Shared a meal, cos we werent hungry. but just have to eat A&W to relive the olden days. I sound so old. :x

My conclusion??? A&W in Batam is not cheap at all. 

We went for another round of shopping, and headed back to the entrance to wait for another couple who's also fellow Singaporeans so we could share a cab back to the hotel.

And we realised that we were cheated the day before. WALAO. so cheap la. Why we pay so much on the first day. Take it as a lesson learnt. For Batam, its just 50k Ruppiah for a trip back. 

Went back to our room to clean up and changed out to our gym attire. (LAME RIGHT!!! GO OVERSEAS ALSO MUST GYM!!!) Cos we had NOTHING to do.

After gym, we went for a short swim. Actually, just to soak in the dirty pool. THE POOL'S REALLY FILTHY. can see the oil on the surface one wakaoz.

After our gym and swim, it's supper time!! We went back to Golden Prawn 933 to feast.

Chose our seabass, and what style we want it to be cooked in.

a coconut bigger than my face, and it taste horrendous. WASTE MY MUNNY $#$^^@^*

Pretend to drink, cos im taking a photo.

Hotplate tofu, live steamed garlic prawns and sambal kangkong. the hotplate tofu tastes much better than Day1's.


The meal was really really cheap. Totalling up to like 20bucks only? walao. in Singapore, it would have cost us 80 bucks or mayb a hundred. strolled back to the hotel after a satisfying supper.

Glutton me just have to snack again. :p

and the alcoholic him (IKEED) just have to drink again. And this Bintang cost him 2bucks! I can total shower in a tub of beer cos its really cheap here. Singapore and the tax. :/ 

I rmb during beer fest, this cost 10SGD. :O:O:O

This concludes my Batam Day2!! Hope I did give u an insight of how Batam is :D 
I'll be back again!!!!! :)

Im glad I felt a little better, there's still 8 more days till I'm in his arms again. I really miss you baby. I really do.

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