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Monday, July 22, 2013
at 4:20 AM

Yes.... as you can see from the title, this post will be dedicated to my one and only IDOL, JAY CHOU. OMGGGGG SQUEALS*

Have been a die hard jay chou fan ever since his debut album, JAY.
Never had the financial capability to buy a concert ticket since young as I have also thought that its a WASTE of money. HOWEVER... I was totally wrong.
The money was well-spent ESP when you loveeeeeeeee to listen to his songs. I cant describe the whole atmosphere during the concert. But my heart rate accelerated so furiously. Experienced goosebumps numerous of times whenever he sings my fave songs.

AND... i caught his latest directed movie, ROOFTOP, TWICE. because I was late for the movie  the first time and I missed out 20mins of the movie T.T Am glad that I watched it the second time.

(I know the ending of the movie is a little to cheesy for my liking, BUTTTTT me being a biased fan. I willfully say that THE MOVIE ROCKS!!!!)

its nice what....
 the music, the whole choreography and also the vintage mood he brought us into. 
I love the costumes, the vintage cars and just everythinggggg.

okkkkkkk. so I'll be spamming a couple of pics during the concert. 
Before the concert, I met up w my sista, who is also another Mr J's fan. and yes, we attended the concert tgt. and Char, was supposed to join us, but she gave up the tix to a friend cos of school commitments.

And yesssssss. how did i managed to get the best category PB2 seats?
 Because I woke up early on the date of ticket sales JUST to queue for it. I know its crazy, but I was so determined to get the tickets, as the first time round (7th and 8th june's were sold out within 2hours, i THINK) tickets were snapped up so fast. 
*think bloody meat being dipped into a pool of piranhas.* YES ITS DAT FAST AND IM NOT EXAGGERATING.

tea break at EWF, to fuel up for the concert later. and Char left for sch while we head to the indoor stadium!

LOL!!! I just have to post this unglam pic of myself. BUT I DUN CARE. HOHo

Just as we were happily prepping and gearing up (blowing the claps sticks), we realised that we were seated at the wrong place all the time. All caused by the usher's fault. She directed us there ok!!!!! We were too excited to actually verify if its our seats.

and yup!! The concert's graphics were awesome.

omg can u spot my macho idol?!?!? <3

This song made me and amelia scream at the top of our lungs cos ITS ONE OF MY FAVE. aiya all his songs my fave la!!!

his chrome hearts piano <3

This reminds me of the scene in 不能說的秘密,

I swearrrr that Jay Chou is SUPER TALENTED. you guys gotta admit it. 
He's unlike those idols with good looks and cant sing cant dance cant play music.

His pink mic and the sea of pink. awwwwwwwwwww

anddddddddd. Sentimental/emo songs from his new album, OPUS12, 明明就
Yes. I had goosebumps. haha!
Was quite sad that he din sing my fave song from his new album,

Must listen to this!! Cos its super sad and nice (of cos!)

His 中国风 style!

and improvised acapella 大笨钟

We love you too!! <3


We ran all the way in front and got this close up. the closest we could get. This was during the finale. after ENCORING twice.

After this concert, I'm really certain that I'll be going for his future concerts. SWEAR
Thk you Jay Chou for being part of my childhood, and the growing up (heartbreaks, puppylove) years. and I can safely say that I grew up listening to his songs. 

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Monday, July 15, 2013
who's there. at 12:33 AM

Who's there to hear me cry,
when I'm down and out.

I have so much to say...

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