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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I think there'll be double entry for this title,
cos i've attended my fwenz' already. and there's one more to attend on 7 jan 2012, which will be my boyphrend's.

The pictures are not really that nice, becos all of them looked the same.

All u'll seee are just patches of green. HAHAHH.

Fake army boy, the extreme left. WALAO. gengz only. HAHAHHAHAH

and the last pic!! JASON THE COY BEST OF KRESTAL. :D GONGXI :)
cant get a photo with him becos of some retarded issues. BAHHHHH.

forgotten to bring my makeup pouch, T.T have to go out w/o makeup. sianz. not photofriendly.


WITH KIEW!! the army boyboy. he finished the 24 km route march! :)

the POP was quite an eyeopener. and u'll just feel proud that ur friends finally graduated from the tough BMT. :') cant wait for my boyphrend's :)

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Monday, October 10, 2011
A friend i've always cherished. at 12:43 AM

You can brush off my insecurities by saying that I think too much,
I'm being too paranoid,

but, I can say that we all have drifted?

You cant deny that you've changed.
Cause no one sees how much they've changed.

Whatever happened to us?
I hope we will be as close as before.
Do come back.

late nights at Supper Club, n just hanging out even if there's nothing to do. i dunno if u enjoy them now? but it was great.



Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Was browsing thru Magenta Monday's webby, and realised that I really have to share these here.

Did a shoot with them some time back and was really pleased with the photos!! :)

I just love their clothes becos they're easy to wear (DUN NEED TO BRAINSTORM ON ACCESSORIZING OR WHATEVER)

My picks for their latest collection!!

I got this awesome oversized pullover in Blue, :) check out them out at Magenta Monday!

As I've just mentioned, I chose blue for the oversized pullover, there you go! the leftest. 
Magenta Monday brought in lots of chic and stylish apparels that every one of you shouldnt miss out!! I love their maxi dresses. (the rightest). it comes with a sexy slit. a little suprise :P hahah!

one of my fave from the collection!!!! Dun u just love crop tops?

This was the highlight!!! Too bad, all of these (plum coloured) maxi's pending. Dun worry! they have this design in other colours!! but you may drop an email, at sales@magentamonday.com
stating the item, colour for the item u're interested in. and if there's a dead buyer, they'll notify u :) its a MUST HAVE. Good quality, I assure! Cos I have it :P

Do join their mailing list!!  log in and sign up!! And also like their facebook  page to receive first-hand news about promotions, launches and giveaways!!! :)

have fun shoppinggggggggg~!!!

And also!! do go back every Monday or so to check out their Monday specials!! Apparels they're letting go at a fraction of the usual price!!! :D DUN YOU JUST LOVE DISCOUNTS?!?!? *HOPS IN A CIRCLE*



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