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Monday, January 31, 2011
at 12:12 PM

thanks Anson for the beautiful photos for this bike event :)

I am finally done with my Shipping project :)
Im left with my Probate proj and CGC.

I dun care, I'm gonna enjoy my CNY to the max!!!!

Cant wait to go for the KL photoshoot in a few weeks time! >.<

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Sunday, January 30, 2011
Projects, at 2:52 AM

I finally can rest a little after a few days of intensive researching for our projects.
I hate projects. :(

What can I say... Most of my course-mates (maybe because its LAW? so generally all gross nerds AND non-street smart ppl, all they do is to bury themselves with law books) are really selfish.
When Im stuck with my project, I find it sooo hard to find someone to actually ask about it.
I certainly can sense if one is willing to help and the other is not.
I won't blame anybody if they genuinely cant help.

There was once I confided in someone regarding my proj.
Me: How do u like identify the relevant facts to put inside ar? How would u know that its relevant?
The person: you just see what is relevant then put in lo

LOL... WHAT A VERY HELPFUL ANS SIA. i never knew that you can answer a question like this and get full marks WOW! its like answering a qns : how do u prove negligence of the defendant in this case. Ans: I see what the defendant do is negligent then negligent lo.
dun expect me to help u next time when u need help (not like u would ask me. but maybe not about work, maybe a favour) I bet i'll just reply "you see u can do this then do lo"


im seriously glad that I have like shameenah to be there for me to help me with whatever she have :) Im so touched! thks dear! ♥♥

 IM SO BLARDY... @$&*$%& and those who helped, thks so much :')

I hate selfish coursemates. PERIOD.
doesnt mean that you get good grades means you're competent enough in EVERYTHING. 
_|_ take that. 

1/2Shipping, 3/4 TWP. GOODNESS. 

Monday, January 24, 2011
Bike Event for Singapore Bike Forum :) at 3:55 AM

School assignments are occupying most of my free-time, and I cant even make space for jobs...
This explains how my bank acc is running dry.
However, I was booked for this bike event long ago...
At first I was a little reluctant to work, however, I din regret, because my boss's super duper naiseeeee!!

I got to meet many new girls and also fiona, the agent that provided the rest of the models.
I wasn't under her for this particular event as I got my job thru Reiee, who's also directly under the organiser of the event.

Me, Fiona, Fiona's bf and Choco :) (P/S: I had a hard time sucking in my tummy. omg! the feeling sucks I tell u!! I din know that its a mid-riff tube... I just had a heavy dinner the night before the event.)

Choco was my partner for the event :) Had an awesome time working with her!!!

Polaroids from AlvinZ. He took a polaroid picture of us for his own keepsake and gave us those cutesy stickers to decorate them :D So nice and fun!!! :D

After the event's picture! HHAHA! my hideous tee-shirt! *scrams*

This picture reminded me of an incident during that event... there was this weird nerdy guy, he came with his fren with a picture of "Rui En" and told me that I resemble her. OMGOODNESS *shen jing bing*. He's weird and cos he asked me for my email...  Luckily Choco came and talked to me and she saved me from this awkward situation. Zzz. weird guys.

I love this grp shot :) Racequeens of the bike show UNITE :D 

Taken from Celestina's blog/camera! :) She came by our booth for shelter as it kept raining throughout the event...

I saw WEILING!! :D She's just right beside my booth!

Fransesca (*spell??), Me!! and Weiling (ANG)! :)

Choco and Reiee!!

Ziyi came over too!!! :D
 Working with CKA, who imports Daelim and CPI bikes! Ronnie's vvv generous to sponsor a bike for the lucky draw!

B-bone (or whatever u call it??)

Sharlyn and I :) (picture from SGB)
*teehees. I saw my pink berry peeping out from my pocket!

(Lucky winner of the Day! and Ronnie and of cos me!)

I actually have sooo many things to blog about... but i doubt time permits :( arghhhh...
Genting Trip, Xmas Dinner, Scarlet Hotel stay, WOAHWOAHWOAH etc...

Things undone :

IP Proj Report.
Shipping Law (Writs and Warrant for Arrest <watever shit u call that>)
Insolvency Proj for Adv Civ Pro
Trust, Wills and Probates Proj.

WTF. after CNY, I have the final exams.
And Im still going to KL for the Sepang assignment! Good luck to me. I'm feeling so stressed.
Sometimes I really uds why a snr from my course committed suicide last yr... x(
Its becos of the work thats piling up... I just finished my long report for Civ Pro (12 precedents!!! MIND YOU. its the first proj after my three yrs in this course to have such an amount of cases I read thru...)

Im so afraid of reading cases now... its like tamil to me... :/
i'll point the gun at you and shoot u, and revive u and I'll blast u agn.

POLY is not AT ALL relaxing. Try having projects due every week, sometimes 2!! back to back. It'll be less stressful if u're that studious kind... everyday bury in books and not having a life at all... cos u'll be prepared for every project/tests that comes.

BAHHHHHH. I need to slp. Time check: 4am. my lesson's at 9am tmr. DIES*

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
First Post. at 12:33 AM

I'm so glad that I'm back on blogspot ever since I've been hopping around from wordpress, to livejournal to tumblr. (its still there yea? but well.. there's virus!!! :( I dunno how to get rid of it) Blogspot is still awesome :)

Time passed sooooo fast! I cant believe that I'm 20 this yr, though I just had my 19th bday two months back... 2010 was an eventful year for me. It started out being emotional and complicated... but as time passes, it was rather awesome as my baby mouse (yes! he's a mouse... because everyone has their own love names for their other halves right????) stood by me all the time... I'm so glad that things with him are still going strong and yupppp we will... till the end of time :D

This was taken as a polaroid shot during my "mermaid" event for bodyshop from Zoe!! ♥ Thks dear so much!! this event was one of the best event I had in 2010 I swear!!!!

I did a couple/handful of events in 2010, kinda drifted from the industry as I was "serving" my 11 weeks SIP a.k.a attachment in a lawfirm. S.I.P was a tough one... I cant take up much events, and I had to be extremely submissive to my boss and all... I had bootlicking and pretending every work he piled on me was "enjoyable" and I "LOVE" my work. NORTTTTTTT.
I seriously hate office jobs...

I just had to post this picture, which I did an event for "World Aids Day" :)

And there you go, Darling Kit and I!!! :D She's such a doll
 and we have the poster girls :)
our job scope was to promote safe sex by distributing condoms... for world aids day!

Just because I'm working for a "sex" toys website, please dun judge me. Im doing this job for a good cause too.

I'll be back after everything in school's settled... This semester is just sooo hectic that I cant breathe... SIGH. Project submissions and tests one week after another... OMGAWDD. When is this gonna end?? 

I'll be backkkkkk...

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