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Monday, October 14, 2013
Highlights! at 11:04 PM

Im finally done with my last project for this semester!!!!
*throws confetti*

So being a little distracted from my revision,
Spam some photos right hereeee.

These are the highlights!!!
Be it work (events), gatherings etc......

 Cats Carnival 2013, for my usual awesome client :)
Thks steven for having us :)

With Crystal. Im dam bakbak beside her :(

with the other ladies at the other booth!

With my love <3 and silly butter.

with the owner!!

Race-Me event with the best dressed group!!! so cute!

Mid-autumn fest over at char's place :)

Supporting amelia at her New Paper new face 2013 finals!

With the super gorgeous Sherena. SUPER gorgeousssssssss!!!!
Top: from Lilypirates.com.sg

I cant stop raving about this cute top!!! GAHHHHH

with the ladies!!

With my sistaaaa. and the banner i did for her. You're always the winner in our hearts ok!!! <3

Very honoured to be part of this short fashion showcase over at NEX.

Anna, Ron, me, Chaston, Rachel mak and Nick!

Over at Sea-aquarium with my fave people <3

Thats alll for nowwww..... :) 


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