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Friday, October 11, 2013
Birthdays at 3:09 AM

Its another exam period for me now.
This semester has been a roller-coaster ride.
Met new group mates and finally done with my projects, cept for the last one.

Its quite upsetting for me to see my usual group-mates "graduating" soon. :(
I mean I dont always attend lessons, but when I do, its with this usual bunch and I'm really lucky to have met them.

Finally took a break off my revision now. its 1 freaking am.
Wanted to practice the piano, but me being a very considerate neighbour, I decided not to.
Sometimes I wish that I was living in a private property, so having to play the piano in the middle of the night would be a luxury :/

Besides these personal thoughts, I would like to share with you the birthdays (not mine) I have spent with my love ones since I went on a hiatus.

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First bday post,

my mummy's 51st bday!!!

My parents are buddhists, so they've dedicated their bdays to go vegan (just for that day DUH!)
Since its their bday, so the bday woman decides where to eat!!

We headed to Ling Zhi, at Novena Velocity. Its an awesome place for vegetarian food by Tung Lok. I swear by the food served there. I'm not really a vegetarian food person, which means that IF i were to go vegan, its just vegetables, toufu and beans for me. NO MOCK MEAT (YUCKS!!!!) I HATE THE ARTIFICIAL TASTE OF IT. *pukes a little in my mouth*

First dish of the day!!!!



Some birdnest look alike tofu thingy. The outer bird nest look alike shell tastes heavenly too. I cant stop raving about it :)

and thennnn.... the family got too hungry (including me) that i decided to not take any more photos. LOL

My mummy, daddy and Nainai (dad's mum)

Cake from Emicakes. I still prefer the cheap Coco Exotic from Four Leaves. Who agrees that its a hidden gem with an affordable price tag?!?!

bday woman with her beau. lol awww sho kewttt

Saw that face of mine? and delete the image from ur brain TYVM. dunno why i look so cui in all the photos taken that day,

and a family shot :) with my boy.

That sums up my mum's simple bday celebration!

Next up, my bf's series of bday surprises.

We had a pre-bday celebration with our clique, the poly mates. Since it was really hard for us to have a get together, I'm really glad that we managed to. :)

Dinner was at Twenty-six @ East Coast.
Fairly chill place, but the food there was pricey. Too pricey for my liking. Tell you why LATER.

Some random shots below to do some testing of my camera's lighting:

6-8pm HAPPY HOUR, so i got my apple martini for 10bux NETT. not bad!!

Starters: Clam chowder! love the succulent scallops!!!

Forgot wth was Derence doing, LOL. his usual pet peeved actions. :'D

Kiew being an idiotic poser again with his house pour wine. 

le bf's main course. Crab meat linguine!
PSST: Din order any main course because I was terribly broke :( You'll find out why later!

Beef burger and chips on the side.

Some weird-ass fish pie!

Had a surprise bday molten cake with vanilla ice-cream for the bday boy :)

A couple shot <3 love this photo!! hehe

Not forgetting a mandatory group photo!! <3

Day #2 of celebration.

So I planned this surprise staycation. actually told e bf that we're going for a staycation like right after the celebration with our friends. This made him so excited because it was a much needed break from his "tedious" army life. and its his off week, so I had something up my sleeves!

Set the GPS for him drive to our destination without telling him which hotel. and we arrived at MÖVENPICK Singapore!!! fantastic hotel service, BETTER THAN NAUMI'S (bad experience with that hotel :/)

Free parking FTW. and FREE ENTRY to sentosa by just flashing our booking slip at the entrance!
Some touristy shots by the bf while i settle the check in!

my very bored face. lol

From the shots, you can see that it is a very neat and clean hotel. My room is overseeing the Merlion! So its supposedly the best view amongst all the rooms in the hotel! I enjoyed my stay so much!!

 room 371!

have i mentioned that I LOVEEEEE hotel beds. they're so comfy and fluffy and i just dun wanna wake up....

our view. lol!!

a place which we cuddled and watched Harry Potter later that night! :P

Very spacious toilet. gahhh cant stop raving about my room.

for him and for her <3

after settling down, we decided to head out for some ice-cream. which we thought that we would receive complimentary, but no. lol we just paid for it anyways!!!

No dipping as the pool was crowded with obnoxious tourists and their screaming little rascals *roll eyes*

We found a cafe, to chill and just spend some quality time tgt.
just love times like this. the world just slows down.

Just love their interior decors!

While waiting for our ice-cream!!!

double choc, salted caramel and mango sorbet, with wild berries, caramel sauce and coffee choc chips by the side!

We just love each other's company <3

Headed back to our room to get ready for dinner!
the boy's still clueless about the dinner venue! and thats surprise no.2!!

vintage payphone spotted!!

heres out #ootd!! sponsored by Ruccacia! (Full outfit post and discount code on my instagram!! backtrack abit ok?)

andddd after a short drive to RWS, we're at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora.

and so, we were accompanied by this magnificent view!!! beside the aquarium with the monster fishes!!!

Definitely a dream come true, because the bf and I loveeee the world underwater!
We're gonna get our diving license tgt soon!!!


how gracefully they swam.

ugly grouper. lol

complimentary salmon salad. mmmmmhmmmmm <3

for starters, mushroom and pumpkin soup. omg the mushroom soup was soooo good that we ordered a second serving despite the hefty price-tag that comes with it. :O

30++ for a bowl of mushroom soup. lol! but whatever! I told the bf to just order what he likes as it was a bday treat from me.


the pumpkin soup was so-so. not a fan of pumpkin. but the scallop was succulent and fresh. HEAVENLY.

Here comes the main course, 
COD FISH. FWAHHHHH, its really so delectable that i cant bear to finish it. T.T its really so good. and furthermore, MY FAVOURITE FISH! I LOVE MY CODFISH.

Braised beef. the bf's. as tasty as ever. 
Both of us enjoyed the food so much that I finally understood why meals are so impt to someone's well-being. LOL. im on cloud nine!

thats where we were seated, facing the aquarium.
So relieved that I reserved this table so much earlier, because i deliberately requested to be placed beside the aquarium. Other diners without reservation din managed to get so up-close with the aquarium. :)

and i also requested for a complimentary cake!! :)

Good service for the price i paid for the meal!! definitely returning when I eventually have the spending power. :p

the boy reading the card i made for him :) haha!!

another shot before we leave the restaurant!
My lunch bag clutch is from STYLE-LOCKER. Click on the link and shop away!!

10% off regular AND sales items!!! Perspex Clutch is the in thing now and yesss it is also on 10% discount!!! so grab them now before it is sold out!!!

back at the room, we watched a movie on HBO. and its HARRY POTTER <3 fave movie fave man fave night. life's perfect like that. haha.

3rd surprise....
I arranged for another cake to be sent to my room at midnight, which is the 12am of his bday!
They sent it up on the dot! really impressed by their 5* service!!

Happy bday my baby boy. you've been the sweetest ever <3
(the cake was heavenly btw!)

The last surprise was on his bday.
I actually planned a surprise bbq party, inviting his church friends over :)
together with his family when he thought it was just him and his family.

HAHA. had such a tough time coordinating and liaising with everyone. but I'm glad its accomplished!!!

Planning surprises can be really tough, but I'm really thkfulthat my bf had such a memorable 22nd bday. because he deserves the best!!! 

For any enquiries, feel free to email me at eexuan91 (at) live.com.sg!!
OR if you're shy,
just drop me a question anonymously at my ask.fm account,

Thats all for now! I tink im gonna concuss. like NOW.............


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