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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
New hair sponsor!!! Thk you Artica for saving my hair!!!! at 12:56 AM

Now exams are FINALLY over, and.....

I finally had a hair cut and a dye job after #@#$%^%^ months.

Because, being a veryyyyyyyyyy busy person (juggling with exams, projects and also work, social life), I neglected my hair. Significant black hair roots, drying hair ends, ridiculously out-of-shaped long hair. I had to tong my hair just so that my hair wont look that CRAZY in photos.

My bf kept saying that my hair colour is disgusting. COS IT IS!
even my regular blogshop owners highlighted to me that I NEED A DYE JOB!

These are the examples of how disgusting my hair looks: 

Photos from thedesignclosets.com.

as you can see, in the above photo(S),
my hair roots are really hideous OMG.
The tonged hair is JUST a cover-up and distraction for my terribly shapeless limp hair.

And Artica Hair Studio approached me at a timely coincidence!

Now I can have beautiful coloured hair, professionally dyed by Calvin, the Senior Hair Stylist of Artica Hair Studio. and also, the trim job was done by him too. 

8.32 was the shade Calvin chose for me. Cos my concern was all about my ugly hair roots, and I prefer to have a natural shade, nothing fanciful and funky.

While waiting for the dye~ a mandatory reflection photo :p
Magazines that kept me company.

Next Calvin washed off the dye and did a scalp treatment for my tresses.
We all know that hair dyes contain chemicals that could damage our hair, as well as the scalp.

Having a scalp treatment after the hair dye :D

Trim and blow! Thats my favourite part, because thats when my hair style goes thru a makeover! 


This is the end product!!!!!!!!!!
Isn't it a refreshing look? I love how Calvin curls the hair ends inwards! 


Long hair with curls,
I tink I looked a little old and tired.

Photo from: Lilypirates.livejournal.com

Shorter hair with curls.
I guess I look much younger and refreshed.

With shorter hair, it was much manageable and I believe that I look ok even without my hair tonged, unlike having my longer hair. :/

The happy me and my stylist, Calvin!
Thk you!! My hair went thru a huge transformation under your magical hands!!!

And thk you.

ARTICA HAIR STUDIO, for your kind sponsor and making me part of your ambassador team!!!

I love my newly transformed hair!!!

So, if you're keen to have a new hairdo, ladies and even gentlemen out there can try out ARTICA HAIR STUDIO!

Its located at:

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #04-64
 Singapore 228213

Operating Hours
Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday-Friday : 11.30am - 9.00pm
Weekends : 11.30am - 8.00pm

For enquires or appointments: please contact 6836 2891
or email us at articahairstudio@gmail.com

Trust me lovelies, their rates are really affordable, and the quality of services/hair dye/hair cutting services will definitely not disappoint you :)

You can "like", Artica Hair Studio's fan page for MORE updates, 

or check out their webpage for more details on rates!!



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