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Wednesday, May 29, 2013
My 21st. (Simple and intimate affair) at 7:01 PM

My 21st bday was a fairly simple one.
Couldnt invite ALL of my friends as its a mini yacht party, with a maximum pax of 20 people.
Hence, only people in diff cliques were invited.

I din really like the idea of a chalet/hotel party as

1. its too boring
2. the nice hotels dun really allow parties (my bf's bday party was held in a very nice suite, but the service was HORRENDOUS, no names shall be mentioned)
3. i dun wanna put people thru the I-dunno-her-well, and-I-dunno-what-to-get-for-her dilemma.
4. awkward situations (because not everyone know each other well, and i prefer to invite my friends in CLIQUES, so that they wont feel left out if Im too busy to entertain them)

So the idea of a chalet (yucks) and hotel party was aborted.
I remembered whenever my friends asked me if im hosting a party, I was quite negative about it. Till I had a crazy idea of hosting a yacht party.

Found some deals about chartering a yacht for 4hrs etc etc, till I found this yacht (not very atas tho) at a steal.

Instead of a 4hrs affair, he gave me 5hrs. and a package for food and drinks (save the hassle of troubling myself what to buy and all), there were ppl on board to help us with the barbequeing.

We had to set off early, the duration of the charter was 1-6pm. 
Had to make sure my friends won't be late, because I have this particular friend who'll end up 2-3hrs late every single meeting. (VERY ANNOYING)

Calling up the late comers. Meeting point was at Sentosa Cove.

We were split up into two yacht because of the limited capacity per boat. Im with my secondary school cliques. While my boyfriend stuck with my poly and his church's friends.


A snap shot of us on the other yacht.

Sheryl was realllyyyyyy sweet to make this for me. :) I love presents with sincerity. <3 
(anyway, people who havent gone through their 21st birthday, occasionally you'll hear of stories that people will complain about contributing too much to a present, or some even mentioned that they dun believe in gifting others. I felt a little unhappy because of this issue. Is it so difficult to bless others on their special day? talk about being stingy or thick-skinned?)

<3 Lop-sided 21. (the balloons are realllllllly expensive. I spent 50 SGD on these -.-)

Happy friends!!!!! 

Joined the ladies after. LOOK AT GUILING'S (girl with the flower) TERRIFIED FACE. LOLLLLLLLLLLL

Me warning my very childish male friends to not attempt to flip the float as there's a really terrified passenger on board the float. 

FOOOOODDDDD. LIKA FINALLY. (not too bad!! Prawns, satays, sausages, fish etc)

The expensive ballooons.

A following series of indiv photos with my friends on the island we docked at!! (LAZURUS ISLAND if I'm not wrong!)

Very sweet Sheryl :))

My best friend!!! <3

Everyone has a best friend who'll always be there for them no matter what :) I'm so lucky!

Brina sis! <3


There were some activities in the package, which includes some motor riding on the island. and this is what PX caught on camera.

Le grumpy keed, Q.

My love, Thk you for everything baby.

My always MIA friend. and the guy behind these photos.


With my secondary school clique <3

And finally its time for cake cutting!!!!

The original plan was to have it in the yacht, the space constraint din allow it. So we all had to shift the table out in the open!!

Lovin' my bottega champagne!!! goldddddd~

Im 21!!!!

The singing of "Happy birthday" was really awkward for me. HEHHE. I'm a shy person. soooo........

Anywayssss, another round of photo taking~ this time with the cake!


<3 one and only.

Popping the champagne is really scary. LOL DUN JUDGE.

Speaking of these disposable glasses, i paid 1 dollar for one cup. WTF. Its a rip-off. I saw them at Melb after that costs 2AUD for 5cups. 

The cake was really in a damn bad shape. and I forgot who decided to help me cut up the cake, causing it to look even more revolting. :/ 

Dun see this as a hug pls, my naughty boyfriend attempted to throw me into the sea :@ dictated by his friends. WALAOEHHHH~ How old already still wanna play such juvenile games. LOL! and me being very strong, i lifted him up. LOL!!!

2nd attempt. FAILED.

I wonder if people nowadays still play the SABO birthday girl game? I thought it was like secondary school or sth? Maybe I just grew out of it. Apparently the guy havent. :/ HAHA. I heard that they even attempt to smash cake on my face. :@

That sums up my small 21st celebration. I also had a celebration with my family :))) 

Will blog about it soon maybe? :)

Stay tuned for a new collaboration I have with a hair salon! Guess which?????

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