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Tuesday, February 19, 2013
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Valentine's Day maybe a commercialized day where guys will splurge on expensive restaurants and buy huge bouquet of flowers for their other halves to pamper them on this special day.

My boyfriend and I spent this special day by having a simple meal at Gyu Kaku, Holland Village.

When in doubt of what to get for your best friend/girl friend or some girl you like, get her a pandora bracelet!!! My silly

boy bought the exact charm that Ying Ting gave me, so we went back to make an exchange. Nevertheless, THANK YOU

BABY! I'm really thkful for the effort you've put in to pamper me on this day <3

Happy me, all dressed up in Pearlavish's Allure Style Lace 

Dress in white. with my present. and a rose. 

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What's a romantic date without a loving couple shot? Us in the ridiculously cute Gyu Kaku bib to prevent nasty stains

from the barbeque food we'll be having.

Our food's served:

  • Wagyu Beef*** (Highly Recommended!)
  • Black cod in the special Miso sauce
  • Garlic scallops
  • Garlic Chicken
  • Mentaiko Bibimbap

BBQ-ing in process. Its all selfservice over at Gyu-Kaku, cept for the mixing for the Bibimbap if you've ordered.

This Wagyu Beef is the sex. I'm never a meat person, but I have to say that I'm really in love. Its juicy, tender, and it

really melts in ur mouth. As its a self-bbqing jap restaurant, you can actually bbq your beef to your liking.

I had mine in medium-rare. Just the way I like it. 

Black cod <3

Huge ass scallops we had. SO GOOD. Fresh, succulent.

After our dinner, we decided to have some dessert. 

Cold Rock is just a short walk from Gyu Kaku.

Vanilla bean + Raspberry + Maltesers + Nutella = Heaven.

Mandatory at-the-icecream-holding-icecream-shot of us <3

A better view of my lace-dress sponsored by Pearlavish. Ultra comfy, non-sheer, incredibly soft.

#OOTD Self-manufactured Pearlavish Allure Style Laced Dress in White. (d'you know that white is now the new black? ;))

The full-shot of the dress, as you can see, the hem is just nice for me. I'm not exactly tall, am abt 1.68m. The dress length

is just nice. So tall fashionistas out there, fret not, this is not the usual short "blogshop" dress everyone usually counter 

The back, is a U-scoop. Adds on a tinge of sexiness, subtley, but yet classy. Perfect on a romantic date like Valentine's or

anniversaries! Even good for a day out shopping with your best friends!! :)

PSST:/ Check out my Awesome Sauce Jeffrey Campbell Soiree <3

Close-up on the lace material.

Body-shot of the dress! Pair it with a belt and you're good to go!

Summing up this post with a pic of us. <3 I love you baby. I'm thkful to have you in my life.
There's no such thing as finding someone better when you know that you've found the best. <3 <3 <3


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