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Thursday, July 12, 2012
Hong Kong 2012 with my boyfriend :) PART 1 at 5:03 AM


Went on a hiatus, and here I am!!!

Have been really busy/lazy. And I'm really thankful, whoever you are, for coming back to this forsaken site of mine for updates.

Recently, my boyfriend and I were facing a "everyday quarrel" phase of our relationship. And Im really glad this HongKong trip took place as it really brought us closer. I can say that its an awesome short getaway for the both of us 

Yes, I went HongKong last year. but this time, its just the two of us, so I guess it's more interesting to read?

Our flight to HK was a 3.50pm one, we had our lunch at the staff canteen in T2, our fave place in Changi Airport, before checking in our baggage :D

Beautiful raindrop mechanics

As usual, le bf settling all the checkin stuffs. Im just not that good with such things :P

Time for some DFS window shopping!

Just some snippets...

A photo of the excited us while waiting for our turn to board!!!! :)

Testing out my cam's art filters. Awesome aye?? Dramatic tone mode :)

Dreamy tones.

Pop Art!!

The sunset!!!

We finally reached our destination at 8pm ++, a little bit of delay due to the terrible weather. Typhoon wind, so we managed to land at bout 8plus?

Happy us onboard the Airport Express!!! I ♥ HK!!! 

(Tip: If u're travelling in pairs, or group of 4, do buy your airport express tickets tgt, because the airport has a "group travel" package. We got our tickets at HKD 140 = 24 SGD. Usual price, HKD 90 for 1 ticket.)

And us to KOWLOON!!! 

On board the Airport Express!

Finally reached Kowloon, had a free shuttle service from Kowloon station to our hotel!! HOW AWESOME! 

Here we are, at Hotel Nikko!!! Rated, five stars!! *****

Checking in!!

After checking in, we were FAMISHED!!! And our hotel's location is rather accessible, there's like a number of 茶餐厅s, restaurants and 24/7 Convenience stalls. So we headed out for our dinner. 

奶茶 no, its not the typical Teh Bing we have in SG. :(

Everywhere in HK. You can find decent wanton noodles. I SWEAR. this is already soooo good that I slurped all of the soup. The prawns were succulent, and damnnnnnnnn. Noodles QQ. 

Checklist for delicious wanton mee:
  1. Soup         
  2. Noodles
  3. Wanton

The duck noodles were heavenly too! 烤鸭!

Fried wantons! 

Anyway, this was our 2nd trip in Hongkong, and we visited this  茶餐厅 again, cause it never fails us. Well, maybe their service attitude needs a little bit of an improvement. (SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WERE RUDE AND IMPATIENT) or maybe its just the locals?

Something that I noticed, they dont give a shit if u're a customer or what, they'll just scold and guai lan you if u're taking your time to order. So, embrace the good service we have in SG. I believe if we were treated the same back here in SG, the waiter would have been sacked or something. 

Satisfied us! 

Took this shot when I was in 7-11, everyone was rushing home cos the wind was sooooo strong! had a slight drizzle, but nothing is ever gonna kill our holiday mood :)

See what I meant? food everywhere!!! But we were stuffed.

Went back our room to rest.

This picture only shows a side of the toilet, because it was too big, I couldnt fit the whole toilet into my picture. Get what I mean?

Lovin my EP3 

For this holiday, we din bother waking up early just for breakfast, basically, its a free and easy trip. So we slept till 12pm. :P and woke up for dimsum!!!

View from our room, as you can see, half of the view is rather downcasted, cos its gonna rain! :( BOOHOO.

Outfit of the day:

  1. Flora bustier from (iloveLRH.com)
  2. Mustard shorts from (magentamonday.com)
  3. Bag from China.

Happy us!!! 

Tak Hin Restaurant!! only opposite our hotel :)

Saturday noon, I see families and tourists groups.


Deep fried pork bun.

Abalone porridge. (Honestly, this porridge is not nice, wanted the century egg porridge, but theirs sold out since morning. So this is how popular their 皮蛋粥 is!!)

PRESENTING!!! 流沙包!!!!! 

Salted Egg Custard bun.
(I'm in heavennnnnnnnnnn~~~ YEAHHHHH!!!!)

Look at the gooey and oozy goodness. OMG. 

Deep Fried prawns in beancurd skin.
(all I can say is, FANTASTIC BABY!!)


烧卖 aka Siew mai 

Lotus fragrant rice 


After our first dimsum meal in HongKong, we took a short stroll to the MTR.

Snippets of HongKong Tsim Sha Tsui! :

Here we are, back again at MODY ROAD

YAY!! Sasa's just opposite our hotel :D

Skyscrapers. Hmmm. not exactly.....

Here we are, at East Tsim Sha Tsui, station.

In Hongkong, its really convenient to travel around. Their transport systems are like what we have in Singapore. MTR's a lifesaver. No need to face taxi uncle scammers. (taking advantage of tourists who dunno their way around and make a huge turn before reaching the destination, *I have met alot of such dishonest cab drivers even in Singapore!) The cons of taking the MTR are like what we faced in SG, the crowd. But well, I would rather spend my money wisely on elsewhere. :)

All you need to do is to loan an OCTOPUS card. which works like an EZ Link.

It costs HKD 150, inclusive of HKD 50 deposit. So at the end of ur trip, just return the card to the MTR control station operator to get back your HKD 50. 

For a start, HKD 100 value will be stored in your Octopus card, which looks like what we're holding in the photo below. (Pic taken last yr, in HK :x )

Us again! on the MTR platform!! 

A sneak peek on where we are first heading to :

I'll be back for Part 2, as its already late now. :( Will try to update more often, so do visit this space often okay? 



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