I'm Leaving This Blank

Thursday, March 22, 2012
Good luck my baby :') at 10:31 PM

I hope I won't see u within the next 2mths because that would mean GOOD NEWS :D and I'll always be here awaiting for ur gd news :')

Treat it as an experience, an experience that not many can go thru. HEY IT'S FLYING A DAMN PLANE (so cool) Sohardcore.jpeg

Whether you make it or not, it doesn't matter because you'll still have me. I know this may sound super cheesy, but this is love :D

Was so embarrassed when I was at the airport. Lol. Flooded changi with my tears. N I bet that I'm the only gf there who clinged onto their bf and cried for a good minute? Just hate the fact that we need to be away from each other awhile. Communicating with each other in aust would not be cheap at all. So I won't really expect to see him everyday. Hopefully he passes, even tho the upcoming months/years would be a tough journey for us. It's a LDR now (kinda) cos when he pass, he'll be away frm sg for abt a yr> n we won't see each other that often. :'( well its ok!!!!!! I hope he takes care of himself. I'll be here waiting :):)

I love you <3



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