I'm Leaving This Blank

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
What I'm up to recently :) at 1:44 AM

sorry for the lack of updates!!!!!!!

Have been busy catching up with friends, work and paktor-ing.
Now my bf's in camp :( *sobs*
I have more time to update!!!

one of my fave pic from Anson :) this was during Boat Asia 2011!

@ swissotel suite for a Samsung Smart TV launch, awesome job. and I can safely say that its one of the best job ever. Was paid handsomely just to relax on a couch, watch TV, drink gongcha and play the Samsung Galaxy Tab!!! I love Samsung!!!! 

Me and my Dearest Amelia for a private launch!!! :D

Nurses!!! Body Shop for Tea Tree Oil sampling with Amelia, Richmond and Lechiner :)

Philips Interior Lighting design event with Lynn, Crystal and Stella!!! :) Love this job too :)

Air Asia Roadshow with Kit and Yvonne <3

Sweetie Kit and I :)

Tiger Live Party! Met my darling Reiee :)

Full Day BMW golf with Huiling :)

Comex with Yvonne again!! For Sony PS3!!

Shoots with Amelia for various blogshops :) YAY!! 

Engage me for blogshop shoots at eexuan91@live.com.sg :)

Style:MEN HTC launch :) 3D Evo was awesome!!
Worked with Amelia and Abigail :) 

NTUC Grand Prix Party with 2 angmohs, Huiyi, Carol and Mayne!! :)

Alright!!! Thats all for today!!! :) Update soon!!



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