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Thursday, September 8, 2011
The torturing 16 days has officially began. at 3:37 PM

My baby boy enlisted yesterday.
What more can I say?

I was sad, teary and emotional.

Some may understand how i feel as they went through it before,
some found it "silly" because they say its just a 2 week seperation and its "nothing".

To me, its a rather big impact to me,
maybe because I've not been away from his that long before.
1 or 2 days will be fine, but 16 days????????

I guess I really have to keep myself occupied.
But Im not much in the mood to play/work. Hopefully I'll be okay after a while.

I miss you soooooo much my honey baby boy :')

He still looks the same in botak. but just that his head looks bigger. and his head is really much bigger than the rest of his bunkmates. :P

So I bade him gdbye in tears. CANT HELP IT LA. Damn paisae to be crying in tekong with everyone near me. I bet ppl will be like "wth is this girl in the purple dress crying for???? 2 weeks nia?!?!"

I kept reminding myself not to cry. apparently it failed real badly. even on my way back on the ferry im still tearing. the whole of ytd i just kept sobbing. even after my casting at the canon office, IM STILL CRYING. i ran to the toilet to cry cos i couldn't control my tears. A crying korean drama episode ytd, just cos this young lady's bf is in tekong training to be a man. IM ASHAMED.

but!!! i believe its normal.

Oh well, i'll pull thru this 16 days of torture. My friend told me that after the confinement period, everything will be much better. and i really hope so.

lunch in Tekong

The silly boy left a survival kit :') filled with scheduled letters. omg this sounds like the movie "P:S I love you".

I adore you soooo much la WONG PIGU. <3

The box contains fragments of our beautiful memories!! and more to come :')
The toy mouse we bought tgt at IKEA. There was one night when I stayed over his house, he whined "HUG THE MAOS!!!" so being already asleep and groggy, i reached out for this "mouse" stuffed toy n clenched it. then he whined again "THE REAL MAOS!!!!" n im like "wth im gonna keel u," but i still hug him (I call him my hairy tummy maos) tightly and dozed off after.

The green mouse was one of the first few gift I  bought for him. Just so you know, everything related to the both of us is a mouse. :P because we just love to bully each other :P n the party that got bullied is as poor thing as a mouse LOL. ok. sorry for this mushy post. :x Green is his fave colour, so i bought for him immediately when i saw how nice the lime green was. :P

The scheduled letters below :) I'll read them dutifully :) I've read the one scheduled for 7th sept :')

The tiny piece of paper used to shield us in Chinatown last week :')
Its really ridiculous cos everyone arnd us were giving us the wth look as it was raining pretty heavily n we din wanna use the umbrella we have so we used this tiny piece of paper to shield us from the rain. :') so that we can hug each other tightly :'D *im smiling to myself silly*


The letters/cards I wrote to him on diff occasions. He was telling me ytd that "Walao, u say in ur first love letter that u wanna cutdown on ur vulgarities, till now still haven't"

Tom Yum Cupnoodles we bought frm batam :D this naughty boy told me his sis ate up alr, no wonder it disappeared. cos its in the survival kit!!! IDIOT.

Hais. alright. this marks the end of my post. 15 more days!!!! :')

IM WAITING FOR YOUR RETURN MR WONG YONG SHENG :D i miss ur smelly farts. KINDA MISS IT. and i dun miss ur bites, i miss your raticate face so much. :')



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