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Sunday, August 14, 2011
Nando's at 11:12 PM

i've been lazy, real lazy.

The only day when the army boys are free, will be a saturday. :) We headed to Nando's for a meal! Finally a full force meetup!!!! :)

Sham and I <3

A grp photo, the bfs with their gfs. Except for Q n Sham, LOL.

Ending off with my fave photo of the day :)

I loveeeeee this army green maxi! Its from Magenta Monday!! :) Super casual n chic! Check out their awesome apparels! They brought in a couple of maxis, n tank tops too!

Tank tops going at just 6SGD! Cheap or dirt cheap?!?!?


Magenta Monday!!
Magenta Monday!!
Magenta Monday!!
Magenta Monday!!

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