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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A BIG HELLOOOOO!! im sry that i din have the time to post up my HK trip. becos it was a 6d5n trip n i have like 1k plus of photos, need to filter this n that so i din have much time for it :( n no, i dun photoshop cos i dunno how.

To make it up, i shall blog abt my batam trip! :)

Ppl always comment how boring batam is, bt i beg to differ. i thought that BATAM WAS AWESOMEEEEE.

Yes, there's no shopping, u cant go crazy w ur budget like how u will in BKK, (actually there is... but...... ahem. the clothes are NOT VERY MUCH TO MY LIKING) the massage, nails extensions n hair treatments were dirt cheap!!! Its suitable for ppl who r looking for a short, budget getaway! n its the company that matters right?

Excited us on board the ferry to Batam Indonesia :) I puked before boarding the ferry, bcos of the dam manual cab!!! Its so jerky that i suffered frm motion sickness.

from then on......

I vow, nv to take manual cabs EVER(bt ok, i just did, YTD. but becos i was in a mad rush. D: )

Welcome to BATAM! what an odd pic, :x ps.

 on the bus transfer to our hotel. :) The first stop, flying fox n the shooting range which were included in the package we bought from Deals.com.sg :)


Suprisingly n unexpectedly, the shooting range was fun? its like a paint ball shooting thingy, n i fyeahhhh, head-shot the HelloKitty thingy :D Blackshot mode activated.

Up next, the flying fox. I couldnt do it becos of a few reasons.

  1.  Im in a dress n i dun wanna flash my panties to the whole world. (my fave army green maxi frm Magenta Monday)
  2. The helmet looks blardy disgusting n NO-WAY am i gonna put it on my head. YUCKS.  (can u imagine?!?!?!?! the helmet could be used by bangrasz who dun wash their hair dutifully everyday?)

ook. not few reasons, but 2(TWO).

This boy went for a second rnd, he used my turn. Apparently, guys dun really care abt their hair cleanliness as much. BUT I DO. cos im a female. LIKE DUH.

Full geared, n he's on his way to the "tower". HAHAH. he looks lk he's freaking out.

N down he went. it was rather fast. I would have loved the ride if they provided cleaner helmets n also if i was in a pair of shorts. :/

Checked in the hotel after that. The flying fox n stuffs were just bside my hotel. Just so you know, during this trip, my bf and I were lodging in Golden View Hotel. Its a nice hotel, not bad facilities, it provides awesome svcs like a free shuttle bus to the malls. WOOOTS. bt at a stipulated timing only!

A tourisy picture of me. We exchanged our bags as my bag was too heavy for me to carry.

Our room, it was a corner room. And yay!  It comes w a dining table n a pantry area. hahah! not v new, bt its not bad :}

This was the dining table i was talking abt prvsly.

We were famished as it was closed to 2pm (batam time, its 1hr earlier, which means SG was 3pm that time), n we had nothing to eat. I puked out the char siew bao i had in the mrng, so we ordered rm svc! it wasnt nice at all! the food taste so salty n the wings were cold. :/ but it was cheap n convenient!!

oh ya,
I did something super retarded. OMG. Bcos the currency in Indonesia is a huge amt, they count everything by thousands. I din chk my conversion card before handling the money. So when the rm svc man came, i tipped him 1k rupiah, and guess how much 1k was worth? 1cents (SGD) i tink? no wonder he looks rather puzzled n reluctant when he rcved my tip. I felt so sad for him. My bad. LOL.

I wore this a couple of times alr :D hehe.

We took the shuttle bus to BCS mall (Batam City Sq) tgt w another couple, Samantha and Joshua :)

The streets in Batam looks rather rundown. Im thkful to be in SG, altho i complained so much abt the weather, but its human nature i guess? ppl nv knew what they had. I guess I'm rly lucky to be in SG, its not a perfect country to be in, bt definitely a comfortable country to live in.

We were housed in proper houses, have clean water to drink. A govt that is not corrupted. The police force's not as corrupted as the stories i heard abt other nations.

The citizens still live in Atap houses like our old kampong days. I guess that I'm just too pampered in the sense that I wont be able to live in such conditions. Its overwhelmingly dirty. #firstworldpains.

And here we are, at BCS!!! I was frantically looking for an A&W but there no A&W in BCS. :( I miss A&W soooo much! the curly friessszxz.

We searched hi and lo for the nail shop my friend recommended. Even contemplating to give up the idea and go for other shops, bt they quoted me ridiculous prices. but thkfully, we Finally found the shop!!!

Did french classic pedi. I hasz manty dead skin. It feels so shiok seeing these rascals off my feet as the pedicurist deskinned my heels. (i sounded abt bizzare, i know :x )

Oh no, my eye bags :(

I did the pink leoprinz n blingz. But i have to remove it soon. becos of my shoot this frid :( sigh! but my nails are in a pathetic state, bcos i was so chorlor n 3 of them broke. fml.

My bf patiently waited for 4 hrs w me thruout my nails grooming session. So love.♥ We pratically spent our whole day in the salon. Sigh. Cos we decided to meet up w the fellow SGreans to share a cab back to out hotel!

Speaking of which, we kena tok carrot head man. We were quoted 70k rup for our ride back, its equivalent to 10SGD. WTH. I tot it was rather cheap. Nv use my brain that day ar. :( the standard rates in Batam is abt 40k to 50k, so friends, if u're going there, pls be careful of such unethical n gian peng taxi drivers. They dun run on meter just another additional info. U just need to bargain!!

The final prod for my pedicure. French ftw!

soaking, foot spa! ahhhh, I love  batam. DUN JUDGE TYVM.

The freegift from the nail salon. WTS. kiddish looking earrings. Who wants? can email me at eexuan91@live.com.sg. I can give it away. LOL. just pay for postage can le. HAHAHA!

Loots below 10SGD. so EFFING CHEAP OMG. SG inflation too high alr. but becos of our standard of living! IM NOT COMPLAINING HOR,

And, he's OBLIGED to take alot of photos with me. WHO ASK HIM TO LOVE ME?

We headed for our massage next in the hotel. it was my virgin massage. FULL body somemore.
It was rather awkward at first as we were instucted to strip. ok, till my panties. wts right? means the masseur can see my nehneh la? waaaa. i was kinda shocked. for guys still ok, as they always flash their upper bodies at home, bt for girls?!?!?! I was vvv reluctant, bt heck, since the masseur was a female. What she has, i also have k! its just a matter of size, thats all LAWLLL.

Our massage was for 1hr, so we had ginger tea aftr that. I SWEAR IT SUCKS. it taste so weird. the cup was for bai swee only :P Well, massages ARE AWESOMERIFIC. I dunno why i was abstaining frm it prvsly all my life! WHY?! cos i was actually vvvvv scared of the ticklish feeling. When I was in phuket, the pedicure person tried to massage my feet n i nearly kicked her damn face. Over-reacting much.

Was feeling hungry after the massage, so we had our dinz w the other couple (mentioned before), Samantha and Joshua at Golden Prawn 555.

Ths restaurants, Golden Prawn 555 n 933 are located just right beside our hotel, n its a gd thing. This is why i love the hotel. So convenient. In batam, its not advisable to go out so late at night. U risk urself getting robbed. So thk god for seafood restaurants near our hotel! 933 was supposedly the famous seafood restaurant in Batam. :) But cos Samantha n Joshua will be having their lunch during the citytour the next day (which bf n i dun wanna join, its a complete waste of time, i prefer free n easy), so we have our dinner in 555 instead.

All these triple numbers sounds like gang names. LOL.

The restauran system goes like this, u can pick ur seafood from their "tanks", they'll weigh it n cook the seafood in whichever style u wan them in. but pls make it  pt to cfm the prices w the locals before u actually order n all. specify how much u wanna pay for ur seafood. prawns, fishes n clams are charged by ons. aftrall, its stil cheap!

Din have much cos Samantha n Joshua din wanna overeat, so we had a simple fare of Hotplate tofu, sambal Kangkong n scallops!!

I dun like this dish tho.

The scallops were awesome. Juicy n succulent. YUMZ. Im salivating.

Its nice meeting new friends in a Foreign country.

This is good too!

After the dinner, we parted ways and went back to our hotel to retire. :)

Brought my cute pair of PJs :D it was from an event i did for samsung!

got hungry agn n we ordered room svc! this time we tipped the correct amt! hahhaha!

my bf likes to do retarded faces.

okay! im done for day1!!!! sry if this entry was kinda draggy! :/ Will blog day2 n day 3 soon! :D

Will be featuring another blogshop thatn I've recently modelled for :) Staytuned okay!

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