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Tuesday, July 5, 2011
I dont wanna grow up. at 11:54 PM

Time really flies, and now my friends are all in Army/Uni/Working.

After a 2 weeks of confinement (in army), my awesome friends finally booked out. And I really missed them soooooo much. Its like the moment you see them you'll feeling giving them a big hug. I saw how different my friends became. Mature, tanner, man-lier.

BK breakfast looks super tempting, so we made an effort to wake up early just to try this. I dunno why BK was soooo crowded that day. We queued up for like 30mins just to get our breakfast. True story.

My mum braided my hair, feeling like a primary school girl :p

My pink BB and the coupons :D HOHO.


Headed to Q's house after catching Green Lantern. I think Green Lantern's such a letdown. Its nothing as XMEN: First Class. It was mega lousy.

Happy familyyyyyy Looking thru these pictures, I really miss hanging out man. Now its just me and my bf. I do love spending time with my bf, but sometimes the more the merrier. Now that all the boys are gone for army, its just the two of us. And things are so different, we cant do this as and when we like, weekends were sooooo precious. I miss how PX n us had late night supper. I miss how we all used to go Khakabo for some games, L4D custom map/Blackshot n I hate to say this but, I miss dota. I miss being scolded when I was playing with the boys. Miss those times. Cant imagine when my bf goes army, I'll be even lonelier?

After resting in Q's house, we cabbed to Quality Hotel for our sumptuous buffet. Damn! its good! Have to advance book one hor ppl. Do try, its affordable, and the spread was WOW.

Witness a fire on the way. It looks kinda serious?

@ Quality Hotel.

Im always looking forward to every weekends to spend with my friends, I think when my bf enlists, I'll hate weekdays. SIGH. Damn ARMY. Breaks up everybody. :/



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