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Saturday, May 28, 2011
Passion for baking. at 2:57 AM

People who know me well knows that I'm a very hands-on person.
I love baking, dolling ppl up; but I know having a degree will do me goood,
hence i've decided to pursue law (i know i've said things like "law??? nah! not my cup of tea." but I miss studying, I miss reading up and doing intensive researches). and SIM's degree in Acctgs will be my second option.

Sometimes I ask myself, why didnt I just stay in JC and study my ass off.
Not a very studious person I must confess. I'm lazy. But when I feel the sense of urgency, I'll definitely buck up. and yeah! I dun think I screwed my last sem ya? I did pretty well for my Law subjects :)

Aside from all these boring and self-motivational talks, I successfully baked rose flavoured macarons!! (one of my favourite flavours) :) its really pretty (imo) tho its rather amateurish. But I loveeee macarons!!! tho its a tad too sweet. but i'll improve!!! I got my recipe from my faourite baking blogger :D hopefully I can bake/practice till I reach to a standard like this:

Oh wells, my standards are just here. Pictures taken from my BB :)

the ones on the baking sheets were wasted, thk god i've invested in silicon mats :) its expensive but money well spent!!!

Just the right size :)

My parents were sooo sweet!! Mummy couldnt take much sweet stuffs, but she said "keep two for me okay? very nice!" and daddy who hates sweet stuffs went like "i dun eat sweet things but i'll eat." HAHHA! I love my family :D

I MUST ADD, later my boyfriend say I nv say I love him. okay la bbmaos! i love you :D

and his reaction will be like this, BELOW:


(disclaimer: pls ignore the abovementioned loveydovey sentence if u're a bitter single who hates the so-called "PDA")

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