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Monday, March 28, 2011
March was a terrible month for me. at 1:46 PM

As mentioned from my previous post, my beloved grandma passes away.
12 days later, I have another funeral to attend.

And yes, my 爷爷 passed away.
From liver cancer.

It seems like cancer's taking ppl's life away arh. :'(
Ytd was the cremation.
Its very torturous to see the coffin rolling into the incinerator slowly, cant help it but cried.
As the hearse moved slowly, we're suppose to walk a short distance before boarding the bus. I thought of my beloved grandma again. Her death was just a week ago, even my mother's still grieving.

I regretted not spending enough time with my grandmother, this is a regret that I'm gonna live with :'(

One thing I'm thkful is that I get to see my grandpa for the last time before he died because I was at the hospital, with my parents, and relatives accompany my grandfather till his very last breath.

During the wake, it was really infuriating to see ppl playing mahjong while we're having our prayers.
I think that its very rude as they should at least show some respect and continue their game after the prayers.
Then again, my dad's side's relatives are kinda inconsiderate.

I dun get it, why must ppl smoke at a wake ar?
Cant they just stop smoking for that moment? Nv smoke will die? I dun like the idea of being a 2nd hand smoker.
The damage's double, not only that, it causes lung cancer.
Dun they know that ppl are dying of this deadly sickness and they're still being so effing selfish by smoking in the presence of others. Want to get lung cancer, get it urself. Go some other fishing place for a puff, not in front of my family, cos no one wants to inhale ur bloodyfishing smoke. U want to die? go die urself. dun fishing make ppl suffer tgt with u. This is what I call, fishing selfish piece of shit. I dun feel like pin pointing who's the selfish person(s), but my pt is there. no money, dun smoke.
I hope he SEES this. I know its disrespectful to be lecturing someone older than me, however, his problems are implicating my dad. And im not very happy about it. Im not trying to be a bitch here, but you see, he doesn't even wanna help himself by saving money.

I have sooo many things to vent out here. :/

Rest in peace, 阿嫲,爷爷。I'll see u next time. 

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