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Monday, February 7, 2011
CNY 2011 :) at 3:30 AM

So this year's CHINESE NEWYEAR just ended like this.
And tmr. I have to be back in school, back to the reality of a stressful work-piling law student. :(

I enjoyed this four(4) days of break. 2 days of house visiting. 初3 and 初4 was spent at the bf's place.
He was dota-ing, while I studied a little of IP. (HOW NERD.) but sadly, I cant put my work down and enjoy like this, thinking of IP test and CGC proj :(

But what's the best thing after studying? We went from supper at Balestier BakkutTeh 333 with Kiew, and Derence :) And I received news of my ahma being admitted in SGH D:it breaks my heart to see her in pain like this :( sometimes I wish I could take the pain for her... *sigh* Life's soo cruel. :'(:'(:'(


My BUNNYYEAR sister 拜年to my parents :)


Kisseykissey :)


My sisters ♥ Love them chhhhoh much!
 Guess what?!?!?! we left our house at 6pm! on 初一! LOL! cos my mummy was preparing food for the family for dinner
CNYnails :) nice? 
 I din have long nails becos my nails are rather fragile... so I had no choice but to have them sticked on :(

I had to say this but.... IM THE TALLEST :P maybe because I used to be a netballer when I was pri6 :) and I'm super hyperactive... always jumping around... :)

Badly taken photo by daddylove :( but its ok!! :) OUR OUTFIT FOR THE DAY!!!

We have a newww family member!! baby Rachelle ♥ aka ROUROU. :) she's soooo cute that i just couldnt resist not to kiss her! look at her hamburger face! her eyes are sooo round and watery! She loves to look at the surroundings inquisitively.

The one I always 阿ma :) I hope Ahgong will 保佑 her always :'(

We're aunties NOW :( I feel sooo old!!!

A smile that could melt ppl's heart. agreee??? so cute! omg!!!!!!!!! 

Bestest and closest cousin :) 

Went my 姨婆 house after that, no photos taken cos it's rather weird to be camwhoring there... :(
I joined my bf's family at his granny's house for the first time!!! *feels damn awkward* but...... I got lots of angpows thr! His family is very welcoming... :) and I get to see the cutie brothers, Jayvier and Jerryl!! So cuteeeee!!! 


The 3 of us!!! 

This sums up my CNY day1 :D 
and I'm back to school tmr :( SIGHHHHHH* so stressful.

Commotion in school this week:

  1. CGC Drafting assignment :/
  2. Intellectual Property Law test this wednesday (closedbook ) *wtfs*
  3. Adv Civ Pro *Closed book*
I have noooo notes for adv civ pro, I wonder who can I borrow from :/ as I have mentioned before, some of my fucking coursemates are damnnnn fucking mudder selfish. as if sharing notes with me will fucking kill their family. 

To those who are going poly: can fucking trust no one, but urself. Im glad that I still have a couple of awesome polyfrens who I will label them as friends instead of "POLYFRIENDS"

Other pictures about my CNY up on my FB!



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