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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
First Post. at 12:33 AM

I'm so glad that I'm back on blogspot ever since I've been hopping around from wordpress, to livejournal to tumblr. (its still there yea? but well.. there's virus!!! :( I dunno how to get rid of it) Blogspot is still awesome :)

Time passed sooooo fast! I cant believe that I'm 20 this yr, though I just had my 19th bday two months back... 2010 was an eventful year for me. It started out being emotional and complicated... but as time passes, it was rather awesome as my baby mouse (yes! he's a mouse... because everyone has their own love names for their other halves right????) stood by me all the time... I'm so glad that things with him are still going strong and yupppp we will... till the end of time :D

This was taken as a polaroid shot during my "mermaid" event for bodyshop from Zoe!! ♥ Thks dear so much!! this event was one of the best event I had in 2010 I swear!!!!

I did a couple/handful of events in 2010, kinda drifted from the industry as I was "serving" my 11 weeks SIP a.k.a attachment in a lawfirm. S.I.P was a tough one... I cant take up much events, and I had to be extremely submissive to my boss and all... I had bootlicking and pretending every work he piled on me was "enjoyable" and I "LOVE" my work. NORTTTTTTT.
I seriously hate office jobs...

I just had to post this picture, which I did an event for "World Aids Day" :)

And there you go, Darling Kit and I!!! :D She's such a doll
 and we have the poster girls :)
our job scope was to promote safe sex by distributing condoms... for world aids day!

Just because I'm working for a "sex" toys website, please dun judge me. Im doing this job for a good cause too.

I'll be back after everything in school's settled... This semester is just sooo hectic that I cant breathe... SIGH. Project submissions and tests one week after another... OMGAWDD. When is this gonna end?? 

I'll be backkkkkk...

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